10 Ways To Keep Him Interested

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I am going to keep this article simple and to the point. Even if you have Jennifer Lopez’s ass, Beyonce’s hips and Charlize Theron’s looks you can one day become a wallflower, something there only to look at! Don’t wait for a guy to realize how great you are—make it impossible for him to miss now. Here are 10 ways to keep him interested. Love, sex and magic can be in the right outfit!

Now I am no relationship expert and I am not claiming that any of these tips are bounded in Moses laws,  but after doing my own research personal and intellectual, i believe it’s pretty good advice. Every fashionista needs love. Read and Enjoy.

1. Guys are easy. Add a little excitement to his life. No panties on your next date, and let him sneak a peak under that cocktail dress. No flares we don’t want everybody else peaking too.
2. Visit some place new. Discovering new things together will give you guys tons to talk about. Dress modestly the first day. The element of surprise will excite him.
3. Spend time apart. This is one of the hardest things to do if you’re in a long-term relationship but being apart not only allows you some freedom, but it will also make both of you miss each other. This undoubtedly eliminates unnecessary arguments.

4. Don’t bring your “hot mess” friends around all the time. You can spend days on end trying to show and prove—your stylish, sophisticated, witty, and ambitious—but you can’t do the same for your friends. Dudes know this, so if you’re out with your girlfriends, and they break lose and start acting like wild horses, later it will become a problem.

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5. Fix Him Dinner in Your Sexiest Bottoms. Don’t go off doing this all the time then it will lose its effect, make it a special treat every now and then.



6. Show off your natural beauty sometimes . Some guys don’t mind the plastic barbies, but most guys do! They don’t want to wake up next to huge black fake eyelashes, and over the top hairstyles everyday. Try going without make up, or just wearing minimal makeup.

painting7. Have something which makes you a commodity. Let’s face it,  if no one wants you your stock drastically goes down. Men love to hear how great their significant other is! So find something,maybe a hobby, like art, dance, photography or a certain sport. It could even be your career, or perhaps something about your style of dressing. 

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8. Get into what he is into. If your guy is into health and fitness, you best believe the apple of his eye is not a bubble butt. Having a good body will make you more confident, and guys find confidence in a girl very attractive, try using this pre workout supplement to get better results. Now you might be pushing it if you decide to join the same gym he goes to. But there is always days you guys can work out together at home while you slip into your Everlast. *wink.   

 9.Make your hair look presentable. As long as you take care of your hair and you don’t walk around looking like you’ve been snatched up by eagles then don’t worry.  Though it doesn’t hurt to keep your hair weaves and color treatments fresh!

10 ways to keep him interested

10. Make sure sexy never leaves. Wear the right clothes If you want to keep him lusting. Make sure you pay attention to his favorite outfits and buy more clothes like it. You wanna make sure the passion keeps flowing in the bedroom years in.