Afro Hairstyles + Essential Hair Care Tips


Afro hairstyles are becoming more and more popular among black women. Although afro hair is our natural state, many women have turned to texturizers or relaxers over the years to soften what they consider the “coarseness” of their hair. Whether your hair still exists in it’s natural state or has been relaxed, black hair care is very important because of how fragile the hair is. Many of you might think that when your hair is natural it is coarser and thicker, so you might believe it’s  “tougher” than relaxed or finer hair and can handle more stress or abuse.  It might surprise you to learn that in reality it usually lacks the elasticity of  straighter hair  and therefore breaks more easily.  If the hair is washed too often and with the wrong products, the natural oils will be diminished.  Also, because of the kinkiness of the hair, combs and brushes can get caught in the hair, breaking it and causing damage.

For these reasons, I suggest using products made especially for black hair, whenever possible.  Today, there is a wide range of excellent products made specifically for the needs of African American or Textured hair. Take a look at these great afro hairstyles and hair care tips inside. 

Afro Hairstyles

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Afro hairstyle + color

Read on for hair care tips…