Animal Prints Trend For All Seasons

Animal Prints Trend

The animal prints trend looks great and the variety in prints and colors this season is making it more attractive to wear. My favorite animal print piece has to be my leopard print booties, but i also love my leopard print scarf and how about a cropped top, still haven’t got around to buying one-but i love the one Cassie is wearing above. As we all should know animal prints never go out of season, so forget what you heard, it makes a comeback every year!

Animal Prints give off a luxurious and rebellious vibe, they blend beautifully with many different styles of outfits or accessories and you don’t have to go all out italian mob wife and wear a head to toe crazy look. Instead, you can layer with animal prints or even accessorize with it.

Designers spotted on the runway using the animal prints trend for SS 2011 were Cavalli, Francesco and Givenchy. Get you some “jungle fever”. See how some Celebs are wearing their prints this season and $hop for your own look.

Leopard bags are the ultimate accessory from the animal prints trend. It brings the sexy back to any boring outfit.

For those of  you who love to be chic, an animal print top is precisely what you need to mix tonally dark solids.


Animal Prints Trend

Animal prints also can spill on to accessories, just mix and match.

Leopard shoes are the craze all season.

Knee length animal print dresses are totally hot.

Animal Prints Trend