August 2014 Mag Scans: Tracey Ellis Ross and Lala Anthony

Tracee-ellis-ross- mag scans

The month of august gives us two fabulous ladies on the cover of Upscale and Latina: Tracee Ellis Ross and Lala Anthony.  Tracey Ellis Ross’s mag scans were photographed by Drexina Nelson for Upscale Magazine August 2014 issue.

Ross, 41, is eagerly awaiting the premiere of her new ABC comedy “Black-ish” alongside Anthony Anderson on ABC’s Wednesday night lineup  SEPT 24 9:30|8:30c! The two play a married couple in search of a cultural identity as they raise their kids in an upper-middle class neighborhood.

The actress talked to Upscale mag about how to be Black, feminism, love and the power of her body. On her new show “Black-ish”:

The beauty of the show is that it’s just a family comedy, but it has another layer to it. I don’t know what I necessarily want people to think or talk about after watching it, but for me in general with cultural identity, racial identity and feminist identity, dialogue is important. People communicating in a light and open way about issues that have a lot of depth and weight to them is a great thing.”

On what it means to be Black:

What is blackness? What is being black? Who defines that and do we need to define that? I don’t have the answers to all of those questions but I think these are the conversations we’re all still having.”

On loving her body:

I’m proud of my body—I work very hard to keep my body at 41 years old, because my booty could drop… Gravity is not a joke.”

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lala anthony mag scan


Actress, reality-show star, mogul and mom La La Anthony talks about how her new role as a relationship guru, her tight-knit group of friends, and how she and her husband, NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony, keep their marriage red hot in the August 2014 issue of Latina, which is currently on news stands.

On her perfect night with her family: 

My husband, my son and I have the best time when it’s just the three of us. It’s nice to all be together, put a movie on, lie in the bed and laugh. That’s my idea of a perfect, fun time.”

On being ready to have another child: 

I do start feeling bad because [my son, Kiyan, 7, will] ask about a baby [sibling] and I feel a little selfish. If I did have another child, the reason would be that I wouldn’t want my son to be alone in the world as an only child. But we’ll see.”

On her new fashion line, 5th & Mercer: 

I know what works on Latinas, black women and curvy women. But it’s great that a website like ShopBop that isn’t used to having that kind of consumer—they’re used to stopping at a six or an eight—to push them to go up to a fourteen and understand our kind of woman.”

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