Bag That Chic: The Coco Chanel Quilted Bag

The Chanel Quilted bag is quite the obsession for celebrities now a days. The bags can run from small to large and there are a variety of colors on the go. When it comes to Coco Chanel, the classics are better and more popular. The 80’s pieces are currently the most desirable. While the new ones still look great, it’s the vintage Coco that’s jumping off the shelves.

When shopping for a classic Chanel, eBay can be a great source, but make sure the seller establishes that the bag is 100% authentic. Demand the authenticity card (it matches the hologram sticker with serial number inside the bag) and don’t forget to read the reviews. Here are some of the most popular classic Chanels available now.


Medium size Clutch Purse with shoulder straps.


Small purse with shoulder straps.


Classic Tote.


Large Handbag.

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