Be-Mail: How To Do A Marble Nail Swirl (Tutorial)

One of my readers came across my summer neon nail trend post and asked for a nail tutorial on how to do a marble nail swirl in the picture above? I know many of you will also enjoy this tutorial , so here you go Vicci.

Instructions on How To Do A Marble Nail Swirl :

1. Pick neon colors of your choice.

2. Decide on your swirl design before hand.

3. Get glass with room temperature water.

4. Wrap protective tape around the finger base and back.

5. Make one single drop of each nail polish in water, one after the other.

6. Use a needle to create a pattern in the water.

7. Then place nail in the water, be careful not to get any water bubbles on polish. Remove nail when polish sets in on nail.

8. Remove protective tape, allow to dry and Voila!