1970s Fashion: Bell Bottom Jeans

bell bottom jeans

Bell bottom jeans are one of those trends that resurface every now and then to show us that it is not just a trend but a fashion staple! This season wear your bell bottoms with fierceness, don’t worry about who likes it or not. Bell bottom jeans or flared jeans for women are all about a neo-1970s style, so go for the whole Farrah Fawcett look!

I personally want me a pair so i can go all the way hippie with my outfit, but you can also contemporize them with trendy accessories, a fitted tee, a lace top, or even a cropped top. If you love bears, make sure to take a look at these stunning bear t-shirts from WOLF X BEAR.

Although many people have embraced worse trends like parachute pants and harem pants, bell bottoms seem to be struggling to survive the skinny jeans era. Let’s keep the bell bottoms alive. Get some inspiration inside and go snag a pair.

 Shop Bell Bottom Jeans Trend

  1. Rag & Bone BELL jeans.

  1. High Waist RUE DE JEANS BELL bottoms.

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Light-blue-bell-bottoms-seven7-jeans-gold-glitter-sequin-zara-blazer_400bell bottom jeans

  1. Light Blue Bell Bottoms Jeans.

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  1. Bell Bottom Jeans, in URBAN OUTFITTERS PANTS.

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  1. Bell Bottom, in FOREVER 21 .

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  1. Bell Bottoms, in URBAN OUTFITTERS Jeans.

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  1. Bell Bottoms, LUCKY BRAND.

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  1. Love Story Bell Bottom Jeans.

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