Current Obsession: The Wide Brim Felt Hat

The wide brim felt hat is a must have accessory whether you…

Ke$ha Releases Naughty Jewelry Line

Have you heard? The pop star known for her crazy partying lifestyle…

Hit or Miss: The Revamped Fanny Pack

Fanny Packs are a Revenge of the Nerds attack on society, but this little accessory stole the Spring 2013 spotlight on the runway. Celebs have taken the trend to the streets, but celebs also wear meat outfits and glass bottom shoes. Would you give the new revamped fanny pack a try?

Menstyle: Leopard Print Statement Piece

There has been a lot of talk about men crossing the very…

Top Buy: We Are Handsome Scoop One Piece Swimsuit

The We Are Handsome scoop One piece Swimsuit is drool worthy! The Australian label’s ambitious swag is fused with art, swimwear and fashion. It is just dope! Check out the enchanted collection and go $hopping.

Denim Nails Trend Tutorial

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Cat Eye Glasses vs Nerd Frames

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The Latest Summer Trends

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