Style Feature of The Day: New Hipster Crystal Kasper

Today’s style feature goes to fashion blogger Crystal Kasper. She describes herself as a New Hipster, following popular trends and fashions, for the everyday girl. The Johannesburg native can be seen sporting popular names like Michael Kors, Henry Holland, Topshop, Zara, and many other brands fashionistas can appreciate and afford!! Check out this fab chica now!

Pastel Hair For A Pop of Color

Pastel hair has been around for a few years—now in 2014, after 3 years of pastel mania, it seems this hair trend is here to stay! Kylie Jenner was spotted at the Billboard awards rocking a hombre pastel hair style, fading out from jet black to a edgy greenish blue hue. Rihanna has also been donning a pink wig. Read on to get more hair inspiration. See how you can make the season’s cotton candy colors work for your style!

What’s Haute? Plaid Shirts

Plaid Shirts have been a fashion staple for many generations. One particular look that has been recycled over the years is the tartan plaid shirt tied around your waist. The trend suits both men and women. While the look is usually paired with Dr. Martens and Converses, we’re also seeing tied shirts paired with heels on women, giving otherwise sleeker outfits a edgy touch. Get inspired!

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