Celebrity Fashion Line Graveyard

celebrity fashion line graveyard

A whole lot of celebs have tried to enter the fashion industry by designing their own clothing line including Kanye WestJennifer LopezEva Longoria, Beyonce and even Sarah Jessica Parker, just to name a few. However, just because you’re a celebrity, doesn’t mean you can do everything. Read on as we add some more gravestones to the celebrity fashion line graveyard. This goes to show that despite your popularity and stylish accolades, creating and sustaining a high fashion line is hard work!

Tracy Taylor, the U.S. Editor of states “I almost think it’s more difficult for a celebrity to launch a clothing line. Not only are the eyes of the customer on them, but the eyes of this rarified group that almost is unattainable for celebrities and that’s to be a fashion designer.”

So who does this graveyard include? Lots of people you probably didn’t even remember had clothing lines. Ok, so let’s enter the cemetery and take a walk down memory lane…


celebrity fashion line

DW by Kanye West

 Kanye West carved his own gravestone with his mouth! And so read the eulogy for his DW line…

“A very promising line, with a creator who thought he would transform the fashion industry and revolutionize what women clothing looked like. This dream was short lived has cynics met the clothing line in Paris with disappointment – the collection was universally dismissed as a flat-footed pastiche. Kanye West failed to deliver upon his very big promise in his new venture, returning focus to his music, and so DW died!”  R.I.P  (2012-2012)

The biggest problem with Kanye’s line was the level of expectation attached to it. People expected something groundbreaking based on his rants. Also, Kanye had a ridiculous luxury price attached to the line, with similar retail rates to Chanel or Fendi; no other celebrity has attempted that.


portman20natalie20shoe20treehuggerNatalie Portman’s high-end, vegan shoe line, Te Casan, went belly up due to the economy in 2008. Portman started the collection in February 2007 with hopes of creating a stylish and sustainable alternative to the animal-free plastic and canvas shoes so widely available. Unfortunately, at $250 a pair, Te Casan didn’t make it far. RIP (2007-2008).
celebrity clothing lineArthur George, a line of designer socks, is the creation of Rob Kardashian. Unfortunately, it appears that sales of his high end socks have dried up and after carrying the line for five months, Neiman Marcus gave Arthur George the boot.  Because there’s no room in this world for $30 pairs of socks made by Kim Kardashian’s confused brother, we must not resuscitate Arthur and allow him to R.I.P (2012-2013).
celebrity fashion lineHouse of Deréon  was born as a collaboration between Beyoncé and her mom Tina Knowles. The line, which consisted of a bunch of overpriced, over bedazzled junk, that even sister Solange decided she couldn’t wear. Not to mention Beyonce has never been spotted in a Dereon outfit –  besides the new ad campaigns she launched in 2012. The brand was “revitalized” later with a new design team and slightly more upscale sophisticated clothing, but it has still not increased in sales or popularity.

One shopper calls it the “House of Dead Wrong,” saying the line is “laughable” and that they should stop pushing that “tacky, silly, country bootleg couture.” Ouch. R.I.P (2004-2012)

sweetface-runwayA rep for Jennifer Lopez’s JLO/Sweetface line said that “Sweetface is going on hiatus as they prepare to reintroduce the brand in the near future with new messaging points and an entirely new fashion point of view.” Blah blah blah.  The public has spoken, no one wants to buy overpriced junk. The quality was bad and the designs were no different from Target or Walmart brands. Besides we have NEVER spotted JLO in her namesake apparel. Maybe it will survive overseas, but in the US we must lay it to rest! R.I.P (2001-2009).
celebrity fashion line lindsay lohanIn 2009, Lindsay Lohan teamed-up with French fashion house Emanuel Ungaro to launch “6126,” a line apparently inspired by Marilyn Monroe. The line received a sad review from critics who branded it embarrassing, cheesy and dated. Emanuel Ungaro himself admitted Lohan’s collaboration with the French fashion brand was a complete disaster. R.I.P
07-OutkastThis hip-hop duo made up of André “André 3000″ Benjamin and Antwan “Big Boi” Patton may have received several awards and acknowledgements for their unique fashion sense, but that did not translate into sales!Launched in 2002, the Outkast Clothing line was hyped, with André reportedly describing it as containing “everything.” When sales didn’t meet expectations, he was quoted as saying that he wouldn’t wear a single one of the items he was promoting. SMH. R.I.P you were destined for a short life!
celebrity fashion lineWe all knew that the Jersey Shore’s JWOWW’s clothing line, Filthy Couture, would seize to exist in no time!  First reason being they looked like they were designed for strippers and trashy girls, there’s not a broad market for that! A friend of JWOWW blames “trademark issues,” adding, “Money needed to be returned to the people who had ordered clothing.”Sounds embarrassing, but not nearly as embarrassing as being sued for money you don’t have. JWOWW was in a bit of hot water over that stupid name “Filthy Couture”, can you believe it? No wonder she walked away from it all. R.I.P
celebrity fashion line snoop doggSnoop Dogg has been chosen as the first celebrity to record audio directions for your car’s GPS, but as awesome as that might make him seem, he still can’t design clothes! Snoop’s clothing line lacked style, had sizing issues and way too much logo prints. It was quickly buried in the urban clothing cemetery  in the early 2000s.