Recycled Fashion: Denim Shirts Trend

Many people take the easy way out and go for layering in the winter, how boring. How about something bold and fresh! There are many classic pieces among the winter hues and the 70’s revival that you can pull out for the winter. One of my favorite recycled trends is the denim shirts trend! Just like plaids you can never get rid of them, and they are an awesome unisex winter piece. Who owns one? Go see some great ways to wear your denim shirts this season and find some great styles inside.

Here’s how you werk your denim shirts trend…

Don’t pair a denim shirt with the same colored denim jeans. Try to stay away from cowboy hats and boots and no big belts around the waist! That ship has sailed, you don’t want to end up looking like your fixing to go round up some horses.

Also, if you want to remain fashionable in your denim shirt, try to keep it tailored (nothing too big or too small), pair it with a camel jacket or blazer and sizzle. Leggings or skinny jeans are good bottoms, but a definite statement is to go for the extraordinary like sequins, silk, lace or even sheer.


denim shirt

Here the blogger paired her denim shirt with a sheer dress and stocking.

denim shirts

Rihanna rocked a tailored denim shirt with a mini skirt, which is a great way to remain sexy and feminine.

denim shirt - black faux leather skirt

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It is a lil bit risqué  to pair a denim shirt with sequins but it works and if you know what you are doing, you can look fab!

The quickest and easiest way to wear the denim shirts trend has to be with bold brights. The blue pops so well against brights and makes your outfit contemporary. Fellow blogger showed how she made her denim work with her orange skinnies and i loved it!