Ke$ha Releases Naughty Jewelry Line

Ke$ha Releases Naughty Jewelry Line

Have you heard? The pop star known for her crazy partying lifestyle and her garbage chic outfits released a one of a kind  jewelry collection for Charles Albert!  It is an affordable collection of teeth, skulls, and penises and she is proud of it!

The Kesha Rose by Charles Albert collection includes a number of different phallic pieces, including the penis-shaped additions. There is the penis pendant. The penis post earrings. The penis drop earrings and the penis drop earrings with chain detail.  What did you just say? Nobody cares! You best believe she is selling like hot cakes with many of her pieces already sold out. Take a look at some of her penis and cannibal offerings below.

Ke$ha Releases Naughty Jewelry Line in August


Ke$ha Releases Naughty Jewelry LineKe$ha Releases Naughty Jewelry Line