Funky Stiletto Nail Designs

stiletto nail designs

Stiletto Nail Designs are a hot new trend. The stiletto nail came alive on the runways of Ruffian, Jose Duran, Z by Zac Posen in 2011. It quickly popped up on the streets with many celebs like Fergie, Rihanna and Lady Gaga showing off their pointed talons. At first i wasn’t sure about the stiletto nails’ dangerously pointed style, until i realized i don’t have to wear them long enough to take out someone’s jugular.

There is a wrong and right way to approach this trend, no half stepping. You have to go for the claws. It has an alluring seductress look to it and they are almost always sexy. I could never go over an inch, less is more for me but i sure love them uber pointy. Stiletto nail designs can be in a dagger/almond shape or a spike shape.

Go check out some of my stiletto nail tips below and see some great ideas for your stilleto nail designs from the talented @nailsbyregina .  I’ll be doing it #majah for my summer vacay…



Stiletto Nail Designs & Tips:

TIP #1: Determine where you are going to wear these nails to before you decide on your length. If you are a working girl, opt for shorter ones.

TIP #2: If you’re not a fan of the super pointed nails, try the almond shaped ones. They are way more elegant and still trendy.

TIP #3: This is a great shape to really elongate the fingers, so if your digits are a little on the short side, this is the nail shape for you.

TIP #4: Black or deep purple nail polish might be great for an edgy look, but not so much these nails. You might end up looking real costumy or vampy. Go bright or neutral, with any crazy design you can think up.

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