Recycled Fashion: Geeky Glasses Frames

 geeky glasses frames

Geeky glasses frames are trending right now and they are literally flying off the shelves. Some folks wear them because they have to, while some folks sport them simply for fashion. Well if you choose to express yourself in a pair of eyeglasses then  geeky glasses frames are a big freaking deal! These glasses can transform you, they can either make you look better or worse.

We see different trends come and go, but none like the  geeky glasses frames from the 50s. Designers like Michael Kors put them back on the fall runways and made geeky fashionable again. Now i can’t stop seeing them. It doesn’t matter what or who, everyone feels they can get away with this. If it doesn’t fit. You must quit. Take a look at some celebs and how they wore their geeky glasses frames this season. Fab or faboo?


Geeky Glasses Frames Trend