Gold Eyeshadow, Makeup For A Golden Goddess

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In summer, you certainly want to shine as bright as the sun and nothing highlights your best features better than golden makeup. Start first with gold eyeshadow makeup. Be  a golden greek goddess with either  soft hues or heavy metallics.  Also, don’t think too hard about what else to do with the rest of your face, get instant glamour with all-over gold by  adding a beautiful shimmery glow to your cheeks to bring out the radiance of your skin and soft peachy or nude lips to polish off your look.

There are so many shades of gold and they all work well on all the skin tones, eye colors and hair colors as well. Here are some great tips to incorporate this hot metallic hue into your makeup routine.

DIY tips:

After you have finished with applying the concealer and the powder on the eye area, you can start to put golden eye shadow on.

Gold eyelids will highlight your eyes and will make them look bright and shiny. Apply a gold eye shadow to your upper lash line, working it from the inner corner of your eye and proceeding to the outer corner. Blend it up softly to your brow bone.

Then continue with applying a matte eye shadow of neutral shade to your brow bones. If you want a more emphatic golden makeup, put on gold cream on the inner corners of your eyes then apply gold powder eye shadow on the lower lash line and blend it well.
You can also use liquid black or gold eyeliner as well, applying it along the outer edges of your eyes, as close to the lash line as possible. Extend your line with wings, both on the upper and lower eyelids. Finish your look with a volumizing black mascara to give your eyes maximum definition.