How Can Black Women Grow Hair Faster Naturally

grow hair faster naturally for black women

Many women want to grow hair faster naturally, but growing long hair is a tedious process that requires the proper hair care regimen. While there is no way to force your hair to grow at a faster pace, you can use a few different techniques that will maximize your potential hair growth if good hair habits are practiced. Many black women get about 1/2 an inch of new growth each month depending on their genetic code, but hair growth can slow down to a growth of about 1/4 inch per month as people age.

So in a year, the average black woman should have up to six inches of new growth. Well then how comes your hair never seems to pass a certain length for as long as you’ve been trying to grow it? Find out inside…

First, it could be because of stress, stress is the biggest external influence on the hair. High levels of stress can cause hair loss and premature balding. Second great influence on hair growth is a person’s genes. Genetics determine the length, texture, thickness and color of a person’s hair. There are no shampoos, conditioners or other hair care products that can help you if your genes say “nomore “. Genetic code predisposes hair to only grow up to a certain length, and many people will find that their hair is incapable of growing past a set point. Thirdly, you might be experiencing extreme hair breakage and this could be because you are not giving your hair the necessary care it needs. That you can prevent

Afro-hair in it’s natural state is very strong, but certain chemicals and bad hair care can hinder the growth process.  It is also the  driest hair type, thus it is more prone to breakage and requires tlc. Afro-hair type is described as 4a, 4b, and 4c, 4c is said to be the strongest!

Do you know your hair type?


grow hair faster naturallyType 4a-shows definite “s” pattern if stretched, tightly coiled and has a definite curl pattern (this is without adding any curl enhancers). This hair type tends to have more moisture than 4b and 4c.

DSC_14491Type 4b– has a “Z” pattern, less of a defined curl pattern. Instead of curling or coiling, the hair bends in sharp angles like the letter “Z”; has a cotton-like feel and look.

Type 4c-has no natural curls and is more dense and coily as well as more thicker than 4b and 4a (this is without adding any enhancers).

After seeing examples of each hair type above,  consider which one you might be, but keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to be one type but can be a mixture.

5 Easy Steps To Grow Hair Faster Naturally:

1. Avoid these harsh sulfates in your hair shampoo and conditioner. They can strip your hair causing it to become dry, leading to breakage.


2. Your hair has about 88% protein ( Keratin) and this protein has to constantly be replaced to avoid breakage.  Egg treatments are effective protein treatments for black hair and usually stops breakage immediately. A protein treatment should be used every other week for damaged hair.

3. Use Hair Vitamins. Your hair vitamin should contain nutrients such as biotin and folic acid. MSM also lengthens your natural growth phase, allowing your hair to grow much longer.

4. Avoid mineral, and petrolatum oil and heavy waxes.

5. Wash regularly and moisturize daily.