Half Moon Nail Manicure Trend

Half Moon Nail Manicure

Here’s what’s haute right now, the half moon nail manicure! This is a variation of the traditional French Manicure, also known as the reverse French Manicure. You  probably will recognize this 80s funky trend. No more boring square tips, get funky with a crescent shaped tip and a reverse french manicure look. It can be a little tricky to achieve this look on your own, but with a little extra help from a stencil sticker, you can recreate the half-moon manicure at home. Go see great DIY tips inside.


Trend Alert Half Moon Nail Manicure beauty buzz

Read courtesy: Trend Alert Half Moon Nail Manicure | Two Hearts Together


2 polish colors of choice
Nail Polish remover
fine tip nail art brush
adhesive nail guides OR 3-Ring Binder Stickers

How to Get this Look At Home:
1. Paint your Nails color of choice (this color needs to be darker than half moon color is going to be for contrast)
2. Let base polish dry completely
3. Using a nail bush/paint brush dip the brush into the Nail Polish and creat the half moon shape. Use a stencil or guide to create perfect half moon.
4. allow to dry completely and apply top coat

Trend Alert Half Moon Nail Manicure beauty buzz