Haute Ways to Wear a Maxi Skirt

Ways to Wear a Maxi Skirt

There are so many ways to wear a maxi skirt. If you are a tall chica you ought to love this trend, nothing goes better with a maxi skirt than long legs. Wait, don’t go sulking yet, any fashionista can embrace the maxi skirt, height is not a big deal. You just have to know how to wear it. Whether you’re doing a casual day look or rocking something edgy for the evening, there are countless haute ways to wear a maxi skirt.

You might think, can i really go wrong, yes you can! With the wrong top, a maxi skirt can make you look not only frumpy but old. If you have your doubts, check out some of my looks below.

Many girls are opting for the tight slit maxi skirts over the long hippy flowing skirts. Why? because they are casual and dressy! You can take a tight maxi skirt from day to night in no time, all you have to do is throw on some heels. A plain fitted t-shirt will look chic with a high-waisted slit maxi skirt, even a cropped and tied button-up can make the cut if it is the right color!

                                                                                vintage maxi skirts

Vintage maxi skirts usually come pleated so they are often worn with small belts. You can get away with turning anything into a top, including tank dresses, sweaters, blouses and even one-piece bathing suits. Chic accessories like a black quilted handbag or a fedora hat can add a modern girl element to the look.


It is easy to incorporate the color blocking trend with a maxi skirt. Go for solid bottoms and solid tops. I liked this outfit above, simple but cute. This fashionista decided to go for an orange sweater with a fuscia skirt and a grey scarf. Dopeness!


                                                                    floral maxi skirt

There’s already a lot going on with a floral maxi skirt, so tone it down with a neutral cropped sweater or tank top.


                                                            stripe maxi skirt

Striped maxi skirts are easy to jazz up, above the blogger used a belt to add personality to her skirt. You can also rock your striped maxi skirts with bright tops and chunky heels , who hasn’t spotted the Jeffrey Campbell Litas yet! If you are a skinny girl you can balance out the volume of your skirt with more volume on top. Try a lose fitted blouse and a cropped jacket, also get a turban or head wrap to top off your chic look.


                                                          sheer maxi skirt

Sheer on sheer is always a sexy look for the warm weather. Be sure to make sure your sheer  is not too revealing, I prefer sheer skirts that start going sheer mid thigh. Go for it! USA