How To Achieve Perfect Skin Despite The Odds

perfect skin

Perferct skin is the key to maintaining your youth, so skin care should be important to everyone. It is hard to understand how to arrive at perfect skin because so many factors can affect how it looks and feels: the weather, your menstrual cycle, your cleansing routine, birth control pills, your race, and even your diet. It’s natural to experience such things, what important is to eliminate those breakthroughs using proven products like acnetame and other organic products that aren’t harmful to the skin.

Still people will go to any lengths to counteract these effects whether it be through plastic surgery, Bergen County med spas, or good old fashion prevention methods. While you journey to perfect skin don’t overlook the necessary treatments for your skin according to your race. Recent studies have shown that your race can affect how your skin behaves. Read up on how to start your journey to perfect skin regardless of all these many outside factors.

If you have a pale skin tone that’s between porcelain and bisque, (Caucasians, light-skinned Asians and Latinas),  then your skin is more susceptible to irritation, sensitivity, and damage caused by UV exposure. You will be the first to show signs of sun damage (wrinkles, dark splotches, roughness). Therefore, to correct any skin damage you must use methods that reveal the fresher layer of skin on your face like the new at-home acid peels or microdermabrasion. Also, you can try a moisturizer containing chamomile or other soothing botanicals to prevent irritation and redness.

If you have medium skin tones from light beige to olive or deep tan. You’re either of East Asian, Latin, Mediterranean, or Middle Eastern descent. You have some melanin in your skin which gives you some natural UV protection. It slows down premature aging, but because your skin also contains more oil glands, you may have enlarged pores and be prone to breakouts.

Dark skin tones can range from café au lait to ebony and usually include African-Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, and women from India, Sri Lanka, and other areas of South Asia. These skin tones are well protected against UV damage. So your stays younger longer. However, hyperpigmentation can be a big issue! Your skin is prone to breakouts, blemishes and acne scars. To protect your skin you have to begin a serious cleansing routine which uses products that fights breakouts and blemishes.

This infographic from Tanda sheds even more light on the extensive journey to perfect skinIt also shows how people cared for their skin throughout time, take a look.


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