How To Wear Mixed Prints Trend

mixed prints trend

The mixed prints trend is scary,  but conquerable. It’s a skill that takes a keen fashion eye, but I’ve got an easy-to-follow match-up guide that uses prints that you should already own. When it comes to mixing prints, there is a thin line between clashing and trendy. This is understandably why so many women shy away from pairing printed pieces, but the bottom line is patterns add interest to any outfit, and everyone, of any size, should have this look in their closet.

Prints are a great way to shake up your wardrobe. Dual prints are a noted trend for both summer and winter this year. A head-to-toe print is a bold choice, and mixing two different styles can really make a statement.  A favorite go-to print combo is stripes and florals, but mixing geometric styles, or putting a busy pattern with a graphic tee or with zip up hoodies, also does the trick. Here are some great tips on how to wear mixed prints.

How To Wear Mixed Prints Trend:

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Florals and stripes are a great combo and i’m sure you have some in your closet. Just start pulling things out of your closet and try them on. You might be surprised at what falls together. Remember to combine prints with the same or very similar background color.


Mixing the same patterns is fine, just counter balance out the scale of each print. E.g a large floral against a tiny floral with similar colorations.

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Keep to a similar theme of patterns. E.g a safari-themed flora and fauna combination accented by a leopard print bag.  Be careful when wearing two types of animal prints together, the secret to making it look good is to wear one in a realistic print and the other in a more graphic version.

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This one is very easy, you can combine an all-over print with something that just has a  touch of  it’s pattern as the focal point (color coordination). Black-and-white mixed prints will give your outfit visual interest. Wear a more intricately printed piece with one that’s softer—think of a water colored sketch or even polka dot.

mixed print trends

When mixing allover florals, keep colors complementary and opt for one piece with a print that’s more subtle, like the  blouse above.

mixed prints trend

 Graphite-like prints are always in and you can even go tribal in these pieces. Use accessories to add to your mixing. Pair a solid or very subtle print with bolder accessories, like a scarf, head wrap or patterned shoes.