If She Is So Hot Why Is She Single…Again!

People say the dumbest things like “she is so hot, how comes she can’t keep a man?” Well, let’s see… maybe she is an over compulsive bitch, who does not know how to balance her life or make her man feel needed. Maybe she doesn’t know how to relax and let things happen the way they should and not try to be in control of everything!!! Maybe she is so dense that her man finds absolutely no substance left after he hit it a few times. There i said it lol.

However, that is not always the case and sometimes these poor women suffer from what i call, The Hollywood Curse. The men will use and manipulate, and it’s all about who is currently trending. Hollywood romance never lasts! And that means at any given moment a celeb could be back on the market. So the pool of eligible ladies is always overflowing! Check out some hot single ladies inside and $hop for their looks.

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