Kerry Washington Goes Topless+Fergie’s Fashion Evolution

Kerry Washington did some spectacular shots in Los Angeles Times Magazine for their December Issue. She gracefully poses topless for the Ruben Afanador shot cover and editorial. Her futuristic cut, matched with unique outfits from the likes of Manish Arora and Versace made for an amazing shoot. Go Kerry!


See Fergie’s fashion evolution…

Fergie’s Fashion Evolution

First off, congratulations to Fergie on being named Billboard’s Woman of the Year. In her interview with  Billboard Magazine she stated that she will maybe join Twitter after her Tour. She also credited Hip Hop for helping her establish her Fergie persona, here is what she said…

Yeah, well, it gave me cojones (Hip Hop). I mean, I always had cojones, but it gave me more confidence in areas that I was a little scared to present. Like, now I’m able to do all my rock stuff, but before it was a little scary to me.

Stacy Ferguson has come a long way since the beginning of her career. She has undergone a vast style shift from her girl-group days to her Black Eyed Peas days. We’ve watched her style as she evolved into the Fergie we know today, but the pictures speak louder than words, so check out shots of several of her looks over the years courtesy of

PHOTOS: Fergie Fashion Evolution