Kristen Stewart For Proenza Schouler Vogue February Issue

Ending up on the cover of Vogue is a big deal for a lot of celebrities, so i’m sure 20 year old Kristen Stewart was elated. She also marks the first Proenza Schouler cover, Stewart wears Proenza exclusively in the cover story, including outtakes photographed by Mario Testino.

According to the magazine, she gets nervous dealing with the media—TV interviews in particular, she says, they make her squirm and she is sometimes accused of being downbeat and defensive in her public appearances, not only because she rarely smiles. She nurses some bad-girl tics, smoking and littering her conversation with expletives, and maintains an insouciance in the face of her big career.

” I choose things that are so overly ambitious, and if I can’t do stuff like that”, I don’t want to be doing this, she says.

Under the surface, the attitude seems more about the passion and perfectionism she feels about her work than the opposite.

“A compulsion absolutely fills you, she says of finding a good part”, and admits that she sometimes has difficulty letting go.

For more on the Twilight star, pick up the february issue of Vogue.