The Leather Trend, Fit For Any Weather

leather trend
If you hate the leather trend then avoid all Malls and local vendors because it’s here to stay. Even with the smallest piece, you can take an outfit to another level. Full on leather pants, trenches and dresses might be too much for the warm weather, but not too intense in the winter months. Leather and animal prints are uber sexy and gives you a rock star edge. No matter what your style is , a little leather goes a long way. For a chic look, leather can give your outfit the edge you need.

Lately many fashionistas have been looking beyond the usual motorcycle leather jackets and adding a new staple leather trend to their closets. I’ve been spotting everything from leather shorts, to leather skirts, leggings, baseball caps, clutches, skater shoes, etc. Hey, I even bought a spiked leather headband. It’s all about finding the right piece to go with your personality. Spice up your life, add some summer colors and even some studs and spikes. Check out these awesome looks.

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