Make A Statement With Kohl Eyeshadow

kohl eyeshadow

Summer is leaving us all but to soon, but it’s time to move on to the next best thing. Sultry Seductive eyes should be on your beauty agenda. Make a statement with Kohl eyeshadow + charcoal Liner, to help you create a subtle or dramatic effect. Here are some easy tips on how to make a statement this fall with Kohl eyeshadow.

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For lighter eyes, a brown-black or charcoal liner is okay to begin with. Apply the Kohl Pencil on the lower and upper rims of the eyes. Make sure the pencil is soft to the touch. Apply with gentle pressure and begin lining as close to the lashes as possible. Draw out toward the end of the lashes and then draw in the opposite direction toward the tear duct. Use a small eye-shadow brush to smooth and soften the line for a highlighting effect that blends into skin.

For a Dramatic or intense look, you first have to create a smoky look and then intensify it by dabbing liner between the outer lower lashes and the corner of the eye. Darken the line by repeating the process, using upward strokes to pull color onto the lid. Blends wonderfully with shimmery shadows.

kohl eyeshadow

See how to bring out the best in your eyes with Kohl Eyeshadow

source: Loreal


This shape often has a distinct crease, so you want to begin by sweeping the darkest tone from the outer edge of

the lid halfway into the crease itself. Then fill the inside portion of the lid with a lighter accent color and blend.


For this shape, keep the darkest tone in the center of the lid and blend upward from the lid to the crease. Using this center point accents the eye’s natural shape. Then blend a lighter tone into the inner and outer part of the lid.


This shape often has a small crease, so you want to use darker tones just along the lash line to highlight the shape without overpowering it. Then use a lighter tone to highlight the top of the lid and the brow bones. Blend well.

Remember, darker tones create depth, while lighter tones highlight. So if you’re unsure of your shape, experiment with this principle until you find a look that’s right for you.