Menstyle: Leopard Print Statement Piece

 Leopard Print Statement Piece

There has been a lot of talk about men crossing the very blurry lines of  chic fashion, but if we can wear boyfriend jeans, tuxedo jackets and snapbacks, why can’t they wear leopard and sequins if they want! Live free, dress well! That’s my motto. I believe that you can take full control of an outfit, no matter the trend. If you are secure in your sexuality, go for it. Just don’t wear a kilt, please. Kanye smashed that idea!

Guys if you’re feeling bold, try wearing an leopard print statement piece. Just do not over power the rest of your look with a whole bunch of drama in your outfit. Keep the rest simple and monotone. If you are feeling a bit punk rocker bold pair your animal print jackets with bold neon accessories, like a watch or hat.  If you wear an animal print bottom, the top needs to be solid and vice versa. If bold was not what you were going for and you just like the shoes, don’t be afraid to wear it with a pencil leg suit.  Have fun and go shopping!

Le Maison de Paige Bowtie, $22 Vans Leopard Sneakers, $43.95
                                         Tripp NYC Leopard Blazer, $99 Image 3 of ASOS Loafers With Leopard PrintASOS Leopard Loafer, $99