New Manicure Trend: Feather Nails

Feather NailsFeather nails are the new craze lately. We’ve seen feathers on headbands,  hair accessories and earrings, but now you can purchase Feathered Manicure kits.  The manicure may look difficult but it is not that hard to create. See more on feather nail art and watch the tutorial to see how you can DIY.

 As soon as i got a hold of the Salon Effects nail arts, it was on to the next hip trend… feather nail art accessories. Nail art feather comes in natural bird feather varieties as well as artificial types.

I was  surprised to discover that bird feathers are not a new trend but a common nail art practice. They are extremely flexible, making it easy to create smooth  lines in dazzling colors and shapes, but i wonder how much work it will take to actually do it yourself.

It is recommended that the  feather should always be applied under a gel layer in order to maintain its recognizable look, but plain old nail laquer will do.

Here’s a tutorial to get you started, my thing is to opt for beautiful vibrant colors. Will you be trying the feather nails trend?