Nail Art Ideas For Holiday Season 2012

Nail Art Ideas

If you’re tired of the same old nail polish trends, there are some new nail art ideas in store for you this season. Many of us think winter calls for dark dull hues, wrong again! Don’t limit your options regardless of the time of year. Do what you like, go for creative designs with attitude.  Make the best out of the hottest fall pigments, or get inspired by amazing nail art ideas that you can easily do yourself at home.

I put together a stylish selection of nail art designs that will give you more than just  perfectly polished nails this 2012 holiday season. This year forget those shimmery reds and stormy  blues. Make all your holiday events fabulous with rustic golds and bronze, animal prints,  floral patterns, geometrical motifs and even abstract print. Consider some of these nail art ideas as the best source of inspiration for your New Year’s Eve makeover, Christmas parties, and even your Thanksgiving dinners. Check out the looks inside and get tips on how to recreate your favorite designs.

 Nail Art Ideas

Stylish patterns which include polka dots, graphic geometric lines and even stripes are a perfect option to take into consideration when prepping your nails for a holiday party. So go crazy, use your imagination and play with your fave nail polish colors.

For polka dot nails, paint your nail any color. Allow it to dry. Use a bobby pin (for small dots or toothpick for bigger dots).  Using the round end of the hair pin or toothpick, dab it into the second color then dot it on to your nails. The round end creates a perfect polka dot. Repeat on all nails and voila! Geometric nails are not that simple. This might take some practice to get your color blocks to be perfect and not messy. You need to use a thin nail art brush or  nail pens, paint on some L’s T’s and Z’s with your lacquer and just keep mixing it up.

Nail Art Ideas

At RuffianKristina Estabrooks made luxurious tuxedo manicures fit for a great New Year’s eve party using Asphalt as a base, topped with Ice Blue ShimmerViolet Shimmer, detailed with Blackjack, and finished with Super Shiney Top Coat for polished perfection. This nail art idea is pure dopeness! To recreate a similar look  all you need are some toothpicks, a skinny brush, a nail polish color of your desire, and a steady hand.


Nail Art Ideas


For the  neutral polish nail art design, think of a subtle polish, let let your design take all the attention.  First apply the nude to match your skin tone, then think of whether you want to add stones or studs. You usually can find nail appliques or studs at any local beauty supply or even in the scrap book aisle of Michaels. There are an array of lovely nudes to choose from, so create various monochrome nail art designs or mix and match your fav nude with black or gold nail polish to obtain a more glitzy design. It’s not hard to get 3D nail studs to stick, just apply them while the polish is still wet, then add a top coat to seal them on after the polish dries.

These lovely nails above are a red and nude calgel manicure. The model added a little bit of spice with gold and silver studs. Gel manicures are becoming more popular than traditional manicures, lasting up to three weeks without chipping. So, you can actually keep this design for a very long time. Red is timeless as we all know and is traditionally a color of the season,  but here is where we edge up.


Like i said  before, don ‘t do plain red nails, spice things up by mixing your favorite red lacquer with another hue such as nude, animal print or gold, this design will get you the right attention. Add more glamour to your nails by mixing some studs or even a fierce animal print design for visual impact.



You can choose to play with these nail art ideas individually, or mash them all up if you dare to be different, nothing is too much. If you don’t have the patience, use nail stickers to do more complex patterns. Opt for random finger studs and play with various styles such as french tip nails, ombre designs, floral and half moon manicures all on one hand. Enjoy the holidays and keep your nails fab!


Nail Art Ideas

 These nails at the Jen Kao’s spring 2012 fashion show had an ombre, or a gradation, that attracts the eye with bold shades in  sapphire and anchor blue, of course you can go for colors that better suit you (the two shades should be contrast with each other, lighter and darker color).  Now i k now you’re thinking, how on earth do i do this? It’s not as hard as it looks. With the help of a sponge or two, you can capture the gradient nail trend. First, you have to find two colors that blend well together in a gradient.  Next, you  have to find the right sponge ; sponge paintbrush, eye shadow applicators or a kitchen sponge. I think the eye shadow applicators work the best.


These are perfect for nail polish sponging because they are so close to the size of your nails. Paint your nails with the first color,  it can be the lighter shade or the darker one. Then, after it completely dries, take the other nail polish color a and start applying it to your sponge. Dab the sponge on to the tip of  your nail, vertically. Don’t apply the color too high on the nail and try not to pass the mid way point of it. This is how you create the fading, gradient effect.

Gradient nails - Dap the sponge into the color on the plate Gradient nails - Dap the sponge on the tip of the nail

Do two coats and finish off with your clear top coat. If you don’t get it the first time, keep practicing.