Nasty Gal Spring Collection ’13

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Nasty Gal Spring Collection ’13 seems to be coming with more style and more edge, are you ready?! With this collection beach goes beyond the outer limits of cool with sport-meets-space influence. The collection has everything  from pastel curve dresses, to mesh and sheer looks, geometric prints, even bomber jackets and intergalactic skirts. There is something for every one to love. Shop my favorite picks from the latest collection!

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Nasty Gal Spring Collection Worlds Collide Dress, $135

  Gateway Pants, $150


Close Encounters Skit, $60
                                              Brave New World Top, $80

Mission Control Jumpsuit, $115          

Nasty Gal Spring CollectionLight Curve Dress, $165     

Crop Circle Tee, $120


Heavenly Body Jacket, $130



Intergalactic Skirt, $65