Nicky Hilton To Launch Jewelry Line

Many celebrities now a days realize that investments are the best way to keep their money growing. Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears are just a few who have invested money in their own endeavors and I betcya they are happy they did because their music careers are not really bringing in the bucks right now.

 Joining the list now is Nicky Hilton who decided  to launch a  jewelry line this Fall. I see some pieces that i like, the line doesn’t seem that original though I’ve seen some of this stuff before. The collection has themes including Art Deco (inspired by her mother and grandmother’s David Webb pieces) and Spike and Snakes. The collection is definitely on the expensive side, ranges from $8o to $800. Will you be buying? is said to be one of the online stores that will be carrying her collection.