NYC Fashion Week Front Row (Spring 2013 rtw)

Fashion Week Front Row (Spring 2013 rtw)

New York Fashion Week front row attracts not only fashion connoisseurs  but posers, wannabes, and people who came simply for the PR and pics, not because they had any interest at all in the designer. Whelp,  back to calling up the paps to come stake out your new location. New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has come to an end guys! Let’s roll back the curtains of memories and see how life was for the Fashion Week Front Row celebs this year.

We know that Kim Kardashian‘s feathery getup was a hot mess, Tamar  Braxton strutted down the runway for fashion designer Shateria’s “Front Row Couture” collection during the ELLE/Style360 event. Harper Beckham debuted her cute little runway walk. Kendall Jenner invited 9-year-old cancer patient Morgan Pierce to be her special guest at the Tumbler and Tipsy show at Style360… and—oh, yes—publicist Lynn Tesoro was slapped in the face by French magazine editor Jennifer Eymere at the Zac Posen show! My oh my the scandal. Check out all the juicy photos inside.

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Fashion Week, did you miss it. Don’t worry it will be  back again in February!