Penny Loafers For Men

 Penny Loafers

Slip-ons are typically low, lace-less shoes. The style is most commonly known as the  “penny loafer” in American culture.  Following the creation of typical loafers, “G.H. Bass introduced weejuns, or ‘penny loafers,’ in 1936, and they became a casual shoe in the 1940s.

Though originally men’s shoes, some styles of  loafers, such as casual tassel loafers, are also worn by women. Below, rapper Kanye West wears a pair of his loafers with skinny jeans. It might be trendy but super feminine to me!!  Go for a look that fits your style.

Penny Loafers

You can add loafers to your style no matter what your style is. Penny loafers for men are classic because you have the option of wearing the shoe with jeans, dress pants, shorts, or even khakis. They are very versatile, not to mention comfortable. As your summer begins, why not be bold and try this trend.  Here are some tips on how to wear, plus snag a pair.

How To Wear:

1. It is ok to wear these shoes without socks when wearing shorts or a pair of khakis. Put on some socks when attending more casual occasions.

2.  It is a good idea to add some foot powder to the shoes to absorb the wetness and reduce the risk of the feet sweating without socks.

3. Give the shoe a manly buffing before you wear, unlike sneakers a dirty loafer looks terrible.


penny loafers