Rainy Day Fashion Trip

As the temperature begins to rise this month, the rain clouds will start to form…so prepare for the rain as spring makes her way on in.

 Here are some Rainy Day Fashion Tips:

A classic trench coat is always perfect and sexy for rainy weather. Though it might not be easy to find  an inexpensive one in stores now, H&M usually carries great styles.

Umbrellas can come very cheap, less your getting a vintage or designer brand, which there is no need. Get them for cheap at any dept store, no black, get your favorite colors or designs and use them as a fabulous accessory.
 Be careful of the materials you wear in rain, suede is a no no. Don’t risk ruining your great shoes. Wear  rubber, pleather, or protectant-treated leather shoes in rain. Don’t be afraid to pick wild and crazy colors when it comes to rain boots. There are so many cute ones out there. Go $hopping…