Recycled Fashion: The 60’s Mod Trend


Well, look what made its way to the new era, the 1960s Modern Trend. Sixties fashion was dominated by London, England. The Brits set the tone and the world followed. As the saying goes, “there is nothing new under the sun, everything you did has already been done. Now when the new generation gets into this creative, bold and brash fashion, I wonder if they know their grandma used to wear the same get up.  See how to get into the trend…

Color played a big role in defining the look. People wore pastel palettes of bright bold colors often displayed in geometric patterns. Present day designers are working on toning down the rebelliousness of Mod with softer colors. Acessories were usually ubersized. Hair cuts were usually asymmetric with blunt bangs or big, and great emphasis was placed on the eye makeup.



Large disco ball, peace sign earrings, or big hoops are Mod.

Get loud weird shaped sunglasses.

Unconventional and Tweed Dresses are totally Mod.


Egyptian eyes are best.

Get an asymmetric hair cut or a bob with a blunt bang.


Long tresses can still be Mod, just pump up the volume.