Hit or Miss: The Revamped Fanny Pack

The Fanny Pack is a Revenge of the Nerds attack on society.  I just don’t see how I can work the classic fanny pack into my closet! Celebs have taken the trend to the streets, but celebs also wear meat outfits and glass bottom shoes. Still, this little accessory  stole the Spring 2013 spotlight at New York Fashion Week.

Thanks to sporty-chic labels like DKNY and Lacoste, the fanny pack received a stylish makeover for the runway, even Rachel Zoe got in on the fun. Now I’ve seen some that I would actually consider. They have some that are sleek and stylish, not big and weird looking like the classics. Would you wear a fanny pack if it is chic enough?

Fanny pack

If so, check out some of these looks so that you can get ahead of the fanny pack trend. I don’t know maybe you’ll be inspired even if you are  a cute little side bag girl.

fanny pack