The Bohemian Trend Resurfaces

the bohemian trend

The original “Bohemians” were travelers or refugees from central Europe also known as gypsies. They lived unconventional or artistic lives. They were known to be free spirited and were very unique in their style of dressing. The bohemian trend (called Boho for short) is derived from this lifestyle. The look is earthy and layered, with long loose flowing dresses or skirts and accessories that are often made from earthy materials like gauzy cotton, wood and stones. Knitted items are popular and so are beads that are used for jewelry and to decorate purses, belts or even clothes. Tunics or peasant blouses can be worn over skirts or pants and sometimes is loosely belted. Floppy hats are another great accessory, along with the side bag.

Women of today wear the bohemian trend with the hopes of  showing individualism and free spirit, they dubbed the contemporary style boho chic.  has various bohemian and hippie influences, dating back to as far as the 1960s then waning in and out until the 1990s. Celebrities like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss were known for their boho chic styles way before younger celebs like Vanessa Hudgens,  Nicole Richie, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen adapted the boho chic image. See great looks inside and try this delightful trend this season…

 the bohemian trend

The bohemian trend can be incorporated into your winter wardrobe by shopping for paisley printed dresses, layer with fur or long knitted cardigans. To top your look off go for vintage style boots.

the bohemian trend

A big part of going Boho is to remain earthy.  Choose pieces that are eccentric and vintage looking, and make good use of your hats or hippie headbands.

boho chic

Boho chic has a glam side, pair leather or thigh high boots with any other elements and watch your day look turn to night.