Share Your Style Through Social Networks

share your style

Fashion social networks are now one of the best ways to share your style with others in the fashion community. Some use it to inspire others or simply just to express themselves. It is now also an outlet for fashion bloggers. Many of us look to Fashion Social Networks as the main platform for fashion lovers and brands to connect with each other. People share and enjoy each others ideas or pictures, join virtual fashion groups and make friends with other fashionistas from around the world. The possibilities are endless on these sites, many people have gained so much popularity and even recognition.

How many of you have ever considered joining or already is a member. Which is your favorite fashion social network to share your style? One of my fav sites is StyledOna vast  international community that can connect with one another based on individual style and preferences. I know many of these sites provide basically the same connections, but not all of them allow you to shop for the items listed in the different looks, people may tell you where they get them from, but sometimes will not provide a link. Ugh!…

Share Your Style

I believe a fashion social networking site has to capitalize on the online shopper, after all who doesn’t want to buy something they covet. Many of us are on these sites brainstorming for ideas and would like to actually be able to shop some of the looks we come across. I like StyledOn because they allow you to post pics of your favorite looks and tag the brands you’re wearing. Then of course other members will be able to shop your looks, see all of the ways a product has been worn by the community, and you can even become a style icon! You never know which designer is looking!

Add them to your list fashionistas and go check ’em out now! Share your style.