Style Watch: Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz Lenny Kravitz doesn’t do the red carpet too often, but when he does he goes hard! Coming in at #4 on our style watch count down is rocker and ladies man Lenny Kravitz. Lenny Kravitz has been known for is feminine pieces over the years along with his grundger style. Men who are confident with their masculinity can get away with wearing more feminine pieces and still be sexy,and so Lenny continues to set the metropolitan standard.

Kravitz is well known for his black aviators and scuffy boots, it seems he never leaves home without one or the other. He knows the time and place though. Lenny Kravitz have shown up clean shaved and well polished to many a events. image

After five platinum albums, he’s got the confidence behind him to back up his totally individual and eclectic look. So say what you want about him, you just wish you had the balls to walk outside in man uggs!

Fellas if you think you have that kind of swag, you can get Lenny’s rocker look easy. Start with skinny jeans, aviators, a good leather jacket, and some basic tops including v neck t-shirts and scuffy boots. Over the years, Kravitz has reinvented his hair many times. He’s worn an afro, baldy, even dreadlocks, so don’t sweat the hair too much.

Say what! You  don’t like his style? I get it sometimes a girl doesn’t want to share her scarfs with her boyfriend, but still he has been voted on the best dressed list almost every time he hits up a red carpet. So he is doing something right. He’s had his questionable fashion moments, like the time he wore those leather boots with a wedge heel. Can you say too much!! But everybody, no matter how fashionable, gets at least two faux pas. See who is coming up tomorrow. ✌