Real vs. Deal: Celine Tote Bags

Celine Tote Bags

Celine tote bags may not be new to the market, but they are still the new craze, and i like them more than the Birkin. Birkin who? Where have all those bags gone, to think people spent over $10,000 for them.  Celine tote bags are a lot cheaper and well worth the  buy. Depending on color combinations, the bag ranges from around $1300-$2500, but it’s sold out virtually everywhere. So good luck finding an authentic one!

I’m sure you’ve seen the pics and dreamt of the day you would own one. This bag has become a part of one of the classic street style looks on celebs and fashionistas alike. So, it’s time to stop doting and get your own. I can’t afford it…is that what you said. Well, i got  news for you! Read on.

My  buddies over at Baginc is offering their own version and  it’s affordable. The bag is made of high quality leather to give it a soft, luxurious look much like the original. It includes a fabric interior lining which complements the exterior of the bag. The design and size of the bag are chic yet practical –  these bags are great for those long weekends. You can fit so much into them without having to cram it in or worry that you’ll look like you’re carrying a piece of luggage. You ought to take advantage of the deal, plus additional discounts with coupon codes!

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Celine Tote Bags

Vanessa Leather Large Tote Black And WhiteVanessa Leather Tote Blue With Blue Horse Fur

                        Vanessa Leather Large Tote , $119

Vanessa Leather Tote in  Blue, $119   (Available in 4 more colors)

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