The Color Blocking Bag Trend!


The latest color blocking trend this season comes to us in the form of  bags, from big to small, all styles and textures. Color is key for spring, but why wait until then to get in on this chic color blocking bag trend. What I have found cool about this trend is that color blocking can be done in just about any color scheme. Not only will you find tons of bright color combinations, but you will find neutrals as wellBright colors will always dominate the scene forSpring 2013, but you can still be subtle if you want.

Some trends might not have staying power but this one seems to be here to stay. I personally prefer bright color block pieces than those which incorporate neutrals. Still, the neutral approach is refreshing. I’ve seen fabulous color block bags in black and white! Are you surprised that this trend is back for 2013, well get used to it! I have a feeling color blocking is the next polka dots or floral. It is timeless.  If you’re still in love with color blocked bags, you can pick up some of my fav style picks under $100. Whether you’re looking for edgy brights for dates or more subdued neutrals for work, color block bags are the perfect accessory.

Below I have a sample of what the color blocking bag trend has to offer!

photo (1)

Image 3 of Marla Layla Handbag

Marla Layla Handbag, $67

Image 3 of Fiorelli Ibiza Shopper Bag

Fiorelli Ibiza Shopper Bag, $67

Image 3 of ASOS Slot Through Portfolio Clutch Bag

Portfolio Clutch Bag, $35

color blocking bag trend

Nila Anthony Clutch,$38

colorblock purse

Colorblock Purse, $35

Structured Satchel, $30