Fact or Myth: The Way You Dress Affects The Type Of Man You Attract

The Way You Dress Affects The Type Of Man You Attract

While some might argue, I am not my clothes, other women might beg to differ. Be aware that we tend to attract what we are, not what we want. What kind of guys are you attracting? Does the way you dress affect the type of man you attract? If you can’t seem to come up with an answer or you’re just not satisfied with your own conclusions, you should definitely read this article for another perspective.

Any sophisticated woman will tell you to think about how you’re behaving, eating, dressing, etc. when you are out in public, especially on the dating scene.  So be mindful of the type of woman you are and stop saying, “why do I attract these  losers”.  If you were a man, would you be interested in you? Why or why not? Exude the same swagger you wish the man of your dreams had.  Now just think if you ran into that man today, would he, a charming, intellectual, self sufficient man, be interested in all of the woman you are? Are you the woman of his dreams? If you are being honest with yourself and the answer is no. Keep reading.

It’s time to change what’s attracting the wrong kind of guys! Don’t mistake this statement and go pretending to be something you’re not.  Make yourself better not a fake version of yourself. One major factor here is how you dress!  Do you want a man that wears unflattering clothes all day, goes to the bar smelling like cheap cologne, tatted up from face to neck! No? Well then why are you? Fact is, the way you dress affects the type of man you attract. Try paying attention to the way you dress. Of course, dressing is a form of self-expression, but your outfits can say a lot about you.

Many women still believe in “take me as i am” and , “physical attraction is the start of every relationship, so if I attract a guy physically through dressing provocatively, he will eventually get to know the true me.” The problem with this way of thinking is that you are in most cases attracting the kind of guy that don’t want to get to know the true you! They just enjoy the temporary idea of being your lover. When, or if, you ever give it up, he loses interest and might be at the same club next week flirting with your friend.

Now ladies there are men who like a woman to be sexy and show off her curves, but sexy and trashy is too different things; besides 9/10 the man that don’t mind you wearing just a bra outside is not the type of guy you are hoping to attract anyway!

Last but not least,  portray confidence, a positive attitude and acceptance. That is the most sexy thing a girl can do. How many times have you come across the not so cute guy, but felt so drawn to him because of his confidence.  Talk to your ego and pull out the you that privately looks into the mirror and thinks  ” i’m a bad chic”.  So what you don’t drive a Benz, you have a mediocre mall job, stomach fat and you drink wine out of a box! You have more to offer than that and all you have to do is show it to him.

So next time your friends invite you out to a social gathering, pull out your best outfit and your best attitude you never know around which corner Mr. Right waits.

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