Things We Don’t Want To See in 2012

Things We Don't Want To See in 2012

It’s a new year, and we want to forget the disturbances of the past. So this is your chance to start the year off the right way, leave all the faux pas behind in 2011. Do set your own trends, but don’t go wearing garbage bags like Kesha did last year, be fashion foward but stay in the 21st century!

Also, find that one item in your closet that you wear so much it smells like it’s never been washed and let it burn. Here are some things we don’t want to see in 2012.

Now let me say this, i like lace, i think it can be a sensual and seductive piece. HOWEVER, when all your business is hanging out in broad day light, it looks tacky and scandalous. So don’t be offended if i pass you a tip cup. Not in 2012!


Things We Don't Want To See in 2012

If you do not have  Beyonce’s curves, Amber Rose’s ass, and Salma Hayek‘ boobs then you should prolly leave the cat suits alone. If you “don’t” got it, then “don’t” flaunt it. Can we retire these from all social events outside of the club this year!


So i love the whole avante garde movement, but i’m over the overly exaggerated shoulders. I don’t believe there is any trend that has been as badly represented by so many like this one. Let’s not try this in 2012 and say we did!


Spandex leggings should not be worn as pants!! Nobody wants to see what color underwear your wearing while you stand in line at the grocery store. I know this a valuable piece for low budget fashionistas, but you can look so much better if you cover your ass-ets!


Last but not least, how can we not have this on the list…the FAKE cupcakes. Ladies please stop, this is not a trend…butt pads are a trend…surgery is not!  Have anyone thought about the fact that you will be all wrinkly with saggy titties and a super buttat 80, atleast you can take silicones out!  Now how you like them apples…