Stylewatch: Tomboy Chic Fashion

Tomboy Chic Fashion

Tom Boy Chic fashion is back in full force. This fashion statement has influenced pop culture for quite some time, raising it’s head in the form of the boyfriend jeans, basketball sneakers, the baseball cap, and even the fedora. People like Teyana Taylor and Avril Lavigne have always stood by their tomboy style. Teyana Taylor is claiming that she started the trend. With singers like Rihanna and Rita Ora rocking the look now, she says no one can say she wasn’t doing it first. Hold on… I thought that most of the girl groups from the 90s, like TLC were tomboy chic, and let’s not forget Aaliyah.

So what’s Tomboy Chic Fashion? Tomboy chic fashion is when you fuse boyish trends with chic trends, like pairing a pair of sneakers with a dress or wearing a pair of baggy jeans with some heels and a baseball cap. This is nothing new, slick tomboy style and a fun pair of sneaks are the perfect way to start Fall. Let’s see how you can work this look into your closet…

Tomboy Chic Fashion

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tomboy chic fashion Tomboy Chic Fashion