Rainbow Eyeshadow MakeupTips

rainbow eyeshadow

Don’t miss this season’s eyeshadow trend:  rainbow eyeshadow painted on strong with an electric vibe. BHcosmetics offers an array of fantasy rainbow colors in their 2nd edition color palette. Love them, check it out inside!

I know some of these colors might be too bold for your everyday looks, but with a little adjusting, you can easily make the trend work for you. Read on for some DIY tips and tutorial on how to do a rainbow eyeshadow look.


Here singer Kelis wears rainbow style eye make-up in purple, pink and yellow combined with a nude lip color. She made the look more wearable for the daytime. Here are some tips, also a BHcosmetics palette to start your look .

120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 2nd Edition $26.96

Make rainbow eyeshadows wearable:

Use less colors. The multi-hue eyes are best reserved for the night time or photo shoots.  For an everyday look, try less colors, whether it’s purple, blue, pink  or yellow.

Keep to a small area. Sweep shadow along the upper lid to the crease — but don’t go all the way up to the browbone which can look like overkill.

Blend, blend, blend. There should be no harsh lines — use a natural bristle brush to apply shadow over the eyelid, blending up so the color gets more sheer as you go.

Dramatize with cat eyes. Sweep shadow out with a winged tip at the outer corners for that sexy feline look.

Hide any dark circles under your eyes using a concealer. If you don’t, they can be accentuated by a bold eyeshadow.

Keep the rest of your face bare to balance the vibrant eyeshadows. Opt for a sheer rose or nude gloss on the lips.


Rainbow/MAC Makeup Tutorial: In this series of three videos by YouTube’s QueenofBlendingMUA, you’ll learn how to do a funky rainbow eyeshadow look.

Rainbow Tutorial – Part 1
Rainbow Tutorial – Part 2
Rainbow Tutorial – Part 3