Watch Kanye’s DW Fashion Debut: Should He Keep His Day Job

Have you seen Kanye West’s fashion line debut at Paris Fashion Week yet? Well, definitely judge this one for yourself. The fashion critics gave Yeezy not so positive reviews for his content, I guess they expected more from a man with his ego, many thought it reminded them of a Balmain vision of womenswear. Kanye didn’t take their sh*t sitting down, his reckless defensive rants made the news.

DW, named after his mother Donda West who passed away in 2007, took a lot of hard work and money, Kanye said. The rapper hired top paid models and invested in great workmanship.  I didn’t think the line was that bad, I don’t exactly know what they were so mad about, maybe it was the fur! He used a whole lot of fur for layering, and then he had neutral tones for a tough girl image. No matter, my only problem was I thought he had too many heavy pieces, no one wants to wear all that suede and leather in spring. I loved the dresses and skirts though.  Still who died and made me a fashion critic right!

See the line for yourself Here or watch the show inside and see what some of the critics said.




Long Nguyen: “There are wishes, and there are realities … I feel bad, actually, that there wasn’t anything to grab on to. But you can’t just dump some fox fur on a runway and call it luxury.”

Carine Roitfeld: “I’m sure he knows what he did wrong and what he did right … He tried hard, and he wants to learn.”

Joe Zee: “If you get it all right on the first shot, where do you go from there?”

Anna Wintour: “Ask someone else.”