Collage2Be Mod (adj.) To be very modern; up-to-date; being in the vanguard in style, dress, etc.

I love fashion so much, i decided i wanted to share my ideas and thoughts with all the other fashion lovers around the world. And so Be Mod was born… a new and hip fashion blog designed for modern girls. There are  great shopping deals, revived trends, beauty & health info, runway buzz, exclusive offers and celebrity style.

The blog’s simple layout makes it easy to surf, discover and engage with  other readers. I provide top recommended products and style advice with quality content. At Be Mod there are no boundaries; live free dress well!


Be Mod welcomes wardrobe queries, style questions, information about new designers, products for reviews, and pictures for reader’s fashion spotlight. If you have a fresh new look, emerging style, or trend that you think is Mod hot!, other Be Modern girls would love to hear about it.

Send pic and info to submissions@be-mod.com.

Founder and Editor in Chief, Terry Michelle

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