Alicia Keys Vogue Italia November Issue

Alicia Keys Vogue Italia

Alicia Keys Vogue Italia photo shoot was spectacular. She added some steam to the cover of Vogue Italia’s November issue! The new mom looked dangerously fierce, sporting a new hair do. She wore several high fashion outfits, and embraced the magazine’s eccentric trademark. My favorite has to be her biker chick look. I love these fab shots. Today, the American super diva , who at just 29 years calls her role models “people of soul”. The singer brags millions of record sales and has sold more records than some of her idols in their entire career. She told the magazine:

Soul for me is a nirvana, a state of grace”.

She even stopped going around with a bevy of bodyguards because “if you act like a normal person, people treat you accordingly”, she says.  She is firm on keeping her life private and doesn’t tolerate media intrusion. This does not mean that she did not enjoy posing in front of the camera.  She always reminds us that she loves what she does and can transform herself like a chameleon.

The photos showing me pregnant seemed brave and strong to me, just how I feel at this time”.

Check out Alicia Keys Vogue Italia Photo shoot.

Alicia Keys Vogue Italia

Alicia Keys In Vogue Italia

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