Brandy Performs On Good Morning America


Brandy’s album Two Eleven is shooting up the charts, with a projected No. 2 spot by next week.  The singer flashed a smile and a wave as she made her way out of  “Good Morning America” in New York City. She performed a mid tempo version of her hit song  “Put It Down” on the show. Brandy is back with a vengeance and she is like no way this album is gonna flop!

In the pre-performance interview, Brandy revealed that her hiatus from music was due to not seeing where she fit in music, but she’s now found it. “I’m happy, happier than I’ve ever been…music is my passion,” she said. She believes that she can get back to her platinum status if she works hard and stay confident.

Brandy credits her former Dancing with the Stars partner Max with boosting her self-assurance. I am a long time Brandy fan, can’t wait to hear the album. My only concern is, did she change her sultry RnB style completely to fit in. Or are we getting a taste of old Brandy mixed with some hot beats. I’ll take any one. Get her look for less and watch her Put It Down.