Butt Augmentation, Will You Pay For It?


So, I was on instagram and came across some pics that should have surprised me, but didn’t. There were some interesting comments by readers. Society has been completed mind f#$ked by these celebrities and TV. There were young girls asking how much a butt augmentation cost. Many were going down the line listing all the things they hated about themselves, and what they would kill to change. I remember when people called girls with bubble butts fat! But now, much like a pair of Christian Louboutins, bubble butts are taking over.  Butt augmentation is now one of the hottest trends on the street. Some of you might say never, but it is alarming how many people would actually do it if they had the money. Here is what one reader said,

I have always been attracted to black men and they love ass, so that leaves me feeling insecure all the time being a 120 lb white girl from Canada. I hate my butt size and shape and have looked for butt augmentation options. I am always paranoid when we step into a room full of big booty bit*ches. I am about to be 21 and just got approved for an american express,  before I spend too much money on surgery and ruin my credit, can someone tell me the options…thanks

Well girlfriend, hope you checked your email, this  one’s for you. According to Associates in Plastic Surgery, Butt Augmentation can take the form of fat transfer or use of implants for augmentation. Most doctors will not recommend implants because of their high complication rate and what happens to your buttock as you age. The implant will remain and stay hard (if you are one of the few who doesn’t require it to be removed within the first several years or months) while your soft tissue and fat deflates and your skin thins. So imagine a hard object in your buttock area resting on your bones and thinned out muscles as you sit and walk everyday! Not pleasant. Let’s not forget the video with the booty flipper that went viral!


Fat transfer also known as a “Brazilian Butt Lift surgery” is more effective, soft and natural with extremely low risks.  The cost for this will range on your surgeon’s expertise level, the amount of fat you have or don’t have, and the amount of time required for the procedure.  On average, the range is between 8000 to 13000. However, we have seen some scary effects of a botched Butt Lift.

0 So with that info in mind, think long term. Remember your body will age but fake body parts never! They look ridunkulous after a while.

So you still wanna be brave, a butt pad is not gone do it in that dress? Take a look at some ass shots gone wrong, this ought to make you tuck that credit card right back in your wallet!