Current Obsession: The Wide Brim Felt Hat


The wide brim felt hat is a must have accessory whether you are male or female. It is one of my favorite hats! I don’t care about the color, whether it’s straw, floppy, structured, felt, or menswear inspired, they all look great! It’s a classic hat with a vintage appeal, and the bohemian vibe can be so sensual, especially for the women.

Johnny Depp has made the wide brim felt hat one of his staple looks over the years. It gives an ‘air of mystery’ for men and ladies dig it. This has got to be one of the most requested hats by stylists and magazine editorials. Take a look at some looks I found around the web, all images are credited where necessary.

the wide brim felt hat

The straw felt hat is great for high fashion sunny day events and business trips.

The well known floppy version is a statement piece when it comes to 70′s bohemian fashion.



wide brim felt hat

The wide brim felt hat can come in a variety of colors. It is a great accessory for festivals and adds a cool effect when you forget your sunglasses.


the wide brim hat

There are more than enough ways to wear this hat. Did you cross it off your party list, well put it back on. Family barbecues, pool parties, and house parties are just another reason to be fly!